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JurisConsult.Mg offers different tailored billing systems to businesses. Fees are set freely in accordance with the client in a fee agreement. It is not possible to determine fees by the gain of the trial or according to the result obtained. However, it is possible to agree a basic fee (flat rate or hourly), supplemented by an additional payment based on the outcome (success fee).



Calculation of Fees

However, fees are based on several criteria (time spent on the case, the resources used, the research work, the nature and difficulty of the case, the importance of the interests involved, experience and specialization of the lawyer, the customary practice, the financial position and the procedures, etc.).



Hourly Fees

Legal work will be billed on an hourly basis, depending on the time actually spent. These fees will result at the end of the file of a simple multiplication of the time spent by the hourly rate that has been determined initially.



Flat Fees

Flat fee is the entire payment for the specified legal work to be performed by the Lawyer regardless of the amount of time that it takes to perform the legal work, either on the basis of an annual subscription legal services to the Cabinet, either for a specific benefit services.



Advance Retainer Deposit

The advanced retainer funds are deposited in the firm’s trust account, and as work is completed, JurisConsult.Mg withdraws the funds earned from the trust account and deposits them in the operating account. The amounts of fees charged do not include tax and are plus VAT in force.


Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest

The professional secrecy of the Cabinet is absolute, general and unlimited in time, except for corruption.

Moreover, JurisConsult.Mg engaged to fulfill the obligation to provide prior information before intervening in any matter: - that could cause a conflict of interest between his clients, or - generating some interference with its independence from -vis its customers, or - could compromise the secrecy with which it is held in respect of its customers.

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